Tuesday, 22 February 2011

smoking will cause social problems

smoking to some extent can invites to social problems. adolescents who are regular cigarette smoking is at risk for other illicit substances to try to get the maximum satisfaction. they will be exposed to drugs when smoking is no longer felt able to give more to their satisfaction.

at the beginning of their taking drugs may not be a problem to those around them. but when they are old, many problems will exist. they will do anything to get money to buy drugs. This situation will increase the rate of crimes such as thefts, etc. kecuriaan. If these conditions prevalent, it will bring a complex social problem. not only the family but also to society and country.

people will always be in a dangerous situation because they may be threatened and blackmailed by those caught up in crime that comes from smoking. to get money, criminals are willing to do anything including murder. This situation is certainly invited to an unsafe environment for everyone in a community.

These problems also affect the development and stability negara.peningkatan crime rate would indicate that a country is in an unsafe condition. This would have adverse impact on the social level of our country. where the neighboring countries certainly do not want to cooperate with countries that do not guarantee Security



  1. what can we do to menangani these social problem???
    should smoking will be banned by goverment???
    any idea?guys..
    commented by aliffzahid

  2. zahid, i think government need to perketatkan our rules n make a new public policy. If we still have a good policy, try to make and polish a.k.a penambahbaikan at the policy parallel with this modernization...

    its really hard to say, because its come from the truly heart...if someone feel wanna stop smoking so, they can do it in whatever challange comes...=))

  3. but i think, not only goverment must play a role.. every people must responsible to solve this problem.. all of them must have good attitude to make sure they do not do the bad action

  4. In my personal opinion, we all together have to co-operate and collaboration to find out the ways to attract people to stop smoking and knowing the bad impact of smoking for their self...We as the society, should be supporting them and giving some tips or motivation to quitting smoking by stages..

  5. yup zahid..all side must collaboration to solve the prblem..for individual who was take smoking,the smokers must already taken the first step and always remember thats millions of people have quit smoking..then for family also take their own role..parent are been responsibility to make sure their children not to involve in smoking habit. Parents need to create harmonies environment at home and make a close family relationship to each other. So their children are feel very happy to their family and they not like to be friend with outsider. Parents must also be are role model to their family. To solve a problem is not easy, but as a parent they have a big responsibility to take care of their children..ang government must try to do more deep research to make sure what the effects,factor and others of smoking..