Tuesday, 22 February 2011

people can stop smoking

in fact, people can stop smoking addiction with the growing commitment and determination to stop tersebut. I want to tell my friends related to the experience with a hardcore smoker .when I challenged him to quit, he took up the challenge and managed to quit smoking in the less than a month and so now he does not smoke.
based on the examples that I took based on the experience of a friend, clearly shows that a smoker to stop smoking if they have a strong desire to quit. in addition, an individual must believe that their ability to deal with these habits.
in addition, people who are around smokers, such as family, friends, and so must play a vital role in providing support and encouragement to smokers to quit could cohesive merokok.sokongan inspired them to quit smoking



  1. heyyy guys..can u give your opinion or comment???

  2. yes. absolutely rite..
    support is the best way for someone to quit their smoking..

    and i have 1 more opinion..
    people nowadays always use mass media in whatever they do,
    so why not we use 1 of mass media as a medium to support people to quit their smoking..

    as such as facebook..what do u think?

  3. Yes, they can stop smoking if they really want to quitting smoking as well as good...There are a so many of tips or ways to staying free from cigarettes, cigars, pipes and so on,...do some activity like a jogging, hangging out with non-smoker fiends, pray for God and so on..

  4. guys!!i have a tips!!=)Firstly, they must think why they as a smoker must stop from smoking. Everyone knows that smoking can cause cancer when you get older, but did they know that it also has bad effects on our body right now? A cigarette contains about 4000 chemicals, and at least 43 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer in humans. Some of the other chemicals are found in products that are known to be poisonous. Some of the worst ones are the nicotine cre contains a deadly poison and a cigarettes also contains methane and ammonia. Its will dangerous for all smokers because methane is one of the component of rocket fuel and ammonia usually found in floor cleaner. then,while the process to quiet,take the replacement like a chewing gum..=)