Sunday, 27 February 2011

Smoking among teenagers

People who start smoking at an early age they tend to increase the signs of aging and no one wants to look older, too fast. According to a study conducted recently become a teenager smoking, has found that more than seventy percent of the teens, who are part of the survey, regrets smoking and almost seventy-five percent, try to let go of the habit in part or stage of life their other.
It is also important to know the facts about teenage smoking 'for another reason tobacco use in adolescence is generally associated with different patterns of unhealthy behaviors such as always carrying a match, engage in physical fights and violence and involvement in high risk' sexual behavior.... According to studies conducted by adolescents, also revealed that adolescents who are exposed to movies and shows in which actors or actresses to smoke are more likely to start smoking themselves compared with others.... Studies conducted on adolescent smokers also throw some startling facts on teenage smokers. Teenagers who smoke have a lung smaller and weaker hearts. They fall ill more often than teens who do not smoke. Adolescent smokers are also vulnerable to drug abuse at a younger age....Another pooints is to note is that they are slowly affected by tobacco in middle age 35-69 years lost an average 20-25 year people do not smoke life expectancy and most of those affected by tobacco is not too 'heavy' smokers but do not start smoking in their teens.... So, if you are smoking teen, make sure you take the steps necessary to make or eliminate this habit...


  1. i'm really worried bout teenagers nowadays who start smoking when they still in a young your opinion who's make the 1st mistake? is'it they parents ? or their self?

  2. yesss i also worried about them..they have very good when they look any action, they want to try without know it better or bad for them

  3. It's a good idea..For me, people started smoking when they are in early age..Nowadays, children also smoking because they have been influence by their peers, parents, siblings and so on...In my opinion, we can't blame any people surrounding..We just ask for ourself why we can't smoke? why we have to smoke? what so funny about smoking? all these kind of questions can be aware us to be a good person..

  4. fyda..we should not blame with each other..but we should find the solution to solve this problem..for me, teenagers or parents must know their own rensposibility..=)