Sunday, 27 February 2011

Its About Our Country and Government

Do u know i have read the 1 articel about our government who spent much money to solve this smoking probs..
Its so wasting..

The title that i have post today is just bout our government planning...Its so much campaign, talk, seminar, n what so ever dats  gov do to solve our  society prob..But its still da same thing will be happened...People n teenangers who are smoking are still increase..

Just wanna all of you know, gov use  RM4,498949.99 to make sure campaign "TAK NAK MEROKOK"  is being so well..where's the money come? Its from us u know..society..But the campaign still not related to smoker..its not effective....its waste..

what do you think? 

This is 1 of da video...i hope a lot of people who smoking out there can aware about this..

Post By Afrida


  1. u see..there a l0t of m0ney 0f 0ur g0verment d0 t0 s0lve the pr0blem..but all 0f the campaign are wasted only!!f0r me,its imp0rtant f0r g0vernment t0 kn0w wh0s their aim in the campaign. s0,its can make the prosedur 0f campign m0re easy t0 d0.and maybe,0ur campaign will be effective!! : )

  2. yes, i agree with you..there are wasting a lot of really sad my opinion,not only government have to solve this a society, we should be active and involve in the campaign to show that we are seriously to solve this society fact, we have to show to the all the smokers that we are supporting the campaign and hopefully all the smokers in Malaysia concern about the campaign..