Thursday, 3 February 2011


smoking can become many effect not only to smoker but all people surrounding the smoker ecspecially for their, i want tell an impacts of smoking to women and men..

for women:

the smoker have more prevalent to infertility than non smoker. so when women be a smoker, she was very difficult to pragnant and this situation can become more difficult if her husband also a smoker..if she was pragnant, her baby maybe is not totally in good condition and the baby maybe have physical disability.

besides that,smoker also earlier onset of menopause. smoking can effect richness.. smoker maybe can get low richness and she can earlier menopause in two years.. so,this situation also can effect her live and her family.. when she got menopause, of course she cannot pragnant..

for men:

men are naturally smoking.. they also be a smoker since at secondary school.. now situation becomes more complicated when a child has started smoking. these circumstances make men suffer many health problems.  smoking will reduce the number of chromosomes that will stunt men fertility. this situation will cause the male chromosomes can not produce enough to ensure continuity baby.besides that, the chromosomes also not perfect and may have an adverse impact on tbe babies born.



  1. what do you think about any impacts to smoker???

  2. mas..i would like to leave some comment here because i like to read the impact of smoking to women..

    as we know, women nowadays like to smoking because they always think that when smoke they can get a slim body..ohhhhh! its really nonsense...!

    why not if they think, to get a slim body so, go to exercise...its really helping..n really healthy! =) comment by Afrida..

  3. mas..thanks for sharing..its really we can earlier menopause in two years?? so fyda,yup its nonsense with smoke we can get a maintain weight!!
    there a no easy ways to slim in a short term!!rite?? comment by azlinawati

  4. yes...
    so, as a women we need to think positively....
    if u want to look likes angelina jolie who have a slim body so, go for the excercise lah..hahaha

    but, nowadays..smoking among women is a common issue...there are many women who are smoking, the decision is in our hand....if you want to smoke think twicely...=)

  5. Overall, I think we should be award to the impact of smoking...If we have already know the impact of smoking..we should be explain to the those people who's suffering from the smoking...We can guide them...Giving some support, motivation and so on..This is a right way to show to them that we area concern about them...