Sunday, 27 February 2011

Its About Our Country and Government

Do u know i have read the 1 articel about our government who spent much money to solve this smoking probs..
Its so wasting..

The title that i have post today is just bout our government planning...Its so much campaign, talk, seminar, n what so ever dats  gov do to solve our  society prob..But its still da same thing will be happened...People n teenangers who are smoking are still increase..

Just wanna all of you know, gov use  RM4,498949.99 to make sure campaign "TAK NAK MEROKOK"  is being so well..where's the money come? Its from us u know..society..But the campaign still not related to smoker..its not effective....its waste..

what do you think? 

This is 1 of da video...i hope a lot of people who smoking out there can aware about this..

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Malaysian Anti Smoking Commercial Quit Smoking Now Current

Enjoy this video...Its really sad..

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Smoking among teenagers

People who start smoking at an early age they tend to increase the signs of aging and no one wants to look older, too fast. According to a study conducted recently become a teenager smoking, has found that more than seventy percent of the teens, who are part of the survey, regrets smoking and almost seventy-five percent, try to let go of the habit in part or stage of life their other.
It is also important to know the facts about teenage smoking 'for another reason tobacco use in adolescence is generally associated with different patterns of unhealthy behaviors such as always carrying a match, engage in physical fights and violence and involvement in high risk' sexual behavior.... According to studies conducted by adolescents, also revealed that adolescents who are exposed to movies and shows in which actors or actresses to smoke are more likely to start smoking themselves compared with others.... Studies conducted on adolescent smokers also throw some startling facts on teenage smokers. Teenagers who smoke have a lung smaller and weaker hearts. They fall ill more often than teens who do not smoke. Adolescent smokers are also vulnerable to drug abuse at a younger age....Another pooints is to note is that they are slowly affected by tobacco in middle age 35-69 years lost an average 20-25 year people do not smoke life expectancy and most of those affected by tobacco is not too 'heavy' smokers but do not start smoking in their teens.... So, if you are smoking teen, make sure you take the steps necessary to make or eliminate this habit...

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

smoking will cause social problems

smoking to some extent can invites to social problems. adolescents who are regular cigarette smoking is at risk for other illicit substances to try to get the maximum satisfaction. they will be exposed to drugs when smoking is no longer felt able to give more to their satisfaction.

at the beginning of their taking drugs may not be a problem to those around them. but when they are old, many problems will exist. they will do anything to get money to buy drugs. This situation will increase the rate of crimes such as thefts, etc. kecuriaan. If these conditions prevalent, it will bring a complex social problem. not only the family but also to society and country.

people will always be in a dangerous situation because they may be threatened and blackmailed by those caught up in crime that comes from smoking. to get money, criminals are willing to do anything including murder. This situation is certainly invited to an unsafe environment for everyone in a community.

These problems also affect the development and stability negara.peningkatan crime rate would indicate that a country is in an unsafe condition. This would have adverse impact on the social level of our country. where the neighboring countries certainly do not want to cooperate with countries that do not guarantee Security


people can stop smoking

in fact, people can stop smoking addiction with the growing commitment and determination to stop tersebut. I want to tell my friends related to the experience with a hardcore smoker .when I challenged him to quit, he took up the challenge and managed to quit smoking in the less than a month and so now he does not smoke.
based on the examples that I took based on the experience of a friend, clearly shows that a smoker to stop smoking if they have a strong desire to quit. in addition, an individual must believe that their ability to deal with these habits.
in addition, people who are around smokers, such as family, friends, and so must play a vital role in providing support and encouragement to smokers to quit could cohesive merokok.sokongan inspired them to quit smoking


Tuesday, 15 February 2011

It's Really Good If You Stop Smoking..

Hello friend...see u again..for this entry i would like to discuss about benefits of quitting smoking..
Did you have many positive point if you trying to stop smoking?? its not just really good to yourself..But it also to people around you...Lets check it out what  item the benefits of quitting smoking...

1)If you quit smoking then there will be considerable minimization in the risk involved due to cancer, heart disease and other deadly diseases. Earlier you use to get tired up easily, but now you have more power. You will also gain resistance from cough, cold and flu.

2)Another benefit of quitting smoking will also save the money, which you were burning to destroy your health. Nicotine will show its effects in the initial phases of quitting smoking. It would be almost impossible to handle this temptation of nicotine.

3) Try to divert your mind. You will also have to face the withdrawal symptoms like headache, irritation and coughing. All these are positive signs of quitting smoking. Drink water to avoid them and make your hands and mouth busy.

4)Do not  to take caffeine drinks if you feel anxiety, instead inhale deep breaths and go for walk. Exercise is the best way to handle the problem.

5) Important one of the benefits of quitting smoking is that carbon monoxide level in your blood will minimize and there will be considerable increment of oxygen level.

6)Do you know...Your skin will turn pink and there will be glow at your face. Your heartbeat will be normal and lungs become clearer. If you are not smoking for a year or two, your risk to heart attack will be decreases.

7)For your information...I  always trying to help my friend when they tell me they trying to stop smoking...and i always ask them to avoid places that encourage smoking. Many people usually put on a lot of weight after quitting smoking. Go for exercise program, eat healthy food and improve the way of living to avoid weight gained.

8)And the last one, i have read that some drugs can replace the harmful nicotine. But, it should not be taken without the advice of Doctor, for instance Bupropion, Nicotine inhaler, Nicotine gum, and Nicotine nasal spray. These drugs will surely helpful in quitting smoking....

Do you want to add something about benefit quitting smoking?? Lets join me...Leave your comment above okay my friend..

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when people start smoking, it's hard to stop!

Smoking is a hard habit for many teenagers actually because tobacco contains nicotine which is highly addictive. It is same with other drugs, for instance like a heroin and other addictive drug. People start smoking for many  reasons such as, some people think it for looking cool. Others start because their family members or friends smoke. They just copy it from friend or family member which are smoking infront of them.They also wants to try smoking for fun only.Statistics show that about 9 out of 10 tobacco users start before they're 18 years old. Most adults who started smoking in their teens never expected to become addicted. That's why people say it's just so much easier to not start smoking at all.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Did u kn0w sm0ke can destr0y p0litical ec0n0my??

ell0 we kn0w,sm0ke can affect in many aspect especially health. But,its als0 can disturb 0ur p0liticcal in 0ur c0untry??lets discuus ab0ut that.. :)

       Am0ng businesses, c0mprehensive smoking bans tilt the ec0n0mic playing field in ways that are fundamental t0 the political economy 0f the issue. Establishments that cater to a largely sm0king clientele are likely to be opp0sed to a ban, and those who explicitly cater to anonsmoking customer base might be driven t0 oppose its t0 pr0tect 0wn market niche.Businesses in communities that have a relatively high prop0rtion of smokers relative to nonsmokers will be opp0sed to regi0nal smoking bans, as will businesses and municipalities bordering communities that have not ad0pted a smoking ban.  Many establishments that would be largely unaffected might be inclined t0 stay on the sidelines 0f the debate.

      These p0litical compr0mises arise in response to the econ0mic pressures that drive particular businesses to actively opp0se smoking ban ordinances.   Those who are m0st threatened by any public policy proposal tend to be m0re adamant in their opp0sition and are more likely to have their interests accomm0dated in final legislation. The prevalence of such exemptions in existing sm0king ordinances reflects underlying economic pressures and pr0vides indirect evidence of the potential adverse effects of more comprehensive sm0king ban proposals.  In fact, the resources that businesses expend on their opposition to sm0king bans, and their lobbying efforts to obtain exemptions, represent direct costs of smoking ban prop0. sals,whether or not they are ultimately implemented. S0,its can make 0ur g0verment difficult t0  admin a0r I right frenz?? =)-Posted by Azlinawati

Friday, 11 February 2011

How does smoking affect other people?

Smoking can affect to other people such as children and passive smoking of adults.

Children and babies who live in a home where there is a smoker because there are more prone to asthma and ear, nose and chest infections. Normally children who' are been infection by smoking have an increased risk of dying from cot death. Then, they are more likely than average to become smokers themselves when older. Next, they are do less well at reading and reasoning skills compared to children in smoke-free homes, even at low levels of smoke exposure. They also at increased risk of developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and cancer. For secondary smoker, people who are smoking have an increased risk of lung cancer and heart disease if  you are exposed to other people smoking for long periods of time. Tobacco smoke is also an irritant, and can make asthma and other conditions worse.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Did you one of them who are smoking everywhere?

Hello there!
See u again..For this entry i would like to create n discuss with all of u about 'Why People Become Smoker'..
as a women, i always thinking...what is the superiority of the smoking nowadays..its because i really think when we smoke its really wasting our money...why? because cigarettes is not cheap!

1) There are many smokers out there. But when you ask them why they become a smoker. They will answer, because want to try.

2) The most important thing, at such a young age, they don't really think about the health risk of smoking. And also do not  realize how addictive can be.

3) I ask my friend and also my classmate, why do they start smoking. Then the answer its because of peer pressure. Many of them start smoking because their friend have tried it or smoke themselves.

In my opinion, at that age a teenager is more likely to be influenced by what their friends are doing rather then doing what their parents would like them to do.. Yeaahh..thats my =)

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factors of people become a smoker

Why people become a smoker?? Let us talk and think about it for a moment... Well, anyway there are a lot of other reasons like the ones that I have listed below...

In my personal opinion, people becomes a smoker is depending on how and who are influent them to be a smoker...Many, in fact most people become smokers as a result of an experiment.. So let us examine some of the factors that contribute towards making a person a smoker, chain and so on...

1. Firstly is peer pressure is one bad apple is enough to make a whole barrel of apples bad... During the age of thoughtless youth (most people develop the habit before the age of 25) every one is ready So when peers compel others to take a puff, one just has to take a puff or else face the danger of being branded as “chicken” or “goody-two-shoes.”

2.  Next is availibility...Cigarettes are available every where and any body can get them and that is one of core factor that contributing to the development of the habit. Another reason is that cigarettes are more cheap...anybody can get, people more easily to smoking...

3. Futhermore is aping.  Movie stars and other celebrities who's are smoke look so cool, and this is more than enough reason for teenagers to start smoking just to follow their matinee idol.

4. In addition, the feel good syndrome is one of factor that are contributing of people like to smoke.  Cigarettes are often identified with the cool factor and so it is agreat way to impress others if you can delicately balance the cigarette between two of your fingers and blow up a puff of smoke while you are in your friends' circle...

5. Attitude is one of good reason why more people beacome smoker... This is a good one, but a bit weird enough this cause is seldom identified as one of the reasons for picking up the habit....  One thing about most of us is that there is a rebellious strain in all of us. ...Well you know what, that is generates an urge to protest against existing rules and norms and during our teenages, the better way to express our defiance than by sporting a lighted cigarette between our fingers or lips...

Well, there are a some point that I have share with guys for this time..
I hope you guys can leaving a comment or any suggestion for my opinion...
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Thursday, 3 February 2011


smoking can become many effect not only to smoker but all people surrounding the smoker ecspecially for their, i want tell an impacts of smoking to women and men..

for women:

the smoker have more prevalent to infertility than non smoker. so when women be a smoker, she was very difficult to pragnant and this situation can become more difficult if her husband also a smoker..if she was pragnant, her baby maybe is not totally in good condition and the baby maybe have physical disability.

besides that,smoker also earlier onset of menopause. smoking can effect richness.. smoker maybe can get low richness and she can earlier menopause in two years.. so,this situation also can effect her live and her family.. when she got menopause, of course she cannot pragnant..

for men:

men are naturally smoking.. they also be a smoker since at secondary school.. now situation becomes more complicated when a child has started smoking. these circumstances make men suffer many health problems.  smoking will reduce the number of chromosomes that will stunt men fertility. this situation will cause the male chromosomes can not produce enough to ensure continuity baby.besides that, the chromosomes also not perfect and may have an adverse impact on tbe babies born.