Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Did you one of them who are smoking everywhere?

Hello there!
See u again..For this entry i would like to create n discuss with all of u about 'Why People Become Smoker'..
as a women, i always thinking...what is the superiority of the smoking nowadays..its because i really think when we smoke its really wasting our money...why? because cigarettes is not cheap!

1) There are many smokers out there. But when you ask them why they become a smoker. They will answer, because want to try.

2) The most important thing, at such a young age, they don't really think about the health risk of smoking. And also do not  realize how addictive can be.

3) I ask my friend and also my classmate, why do they start smoking. Then the answer its because of peer pressure. Many of them start smoking because their friend have tried it or smoke themselves.

In my opinion, at that age a teenager is more likely to be influenced by what their friends are doing rather then doing what their parents would like them to do.. Yeaahh..thats my opinion..you? =)

posted by Afrida