Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Women! Please Care About This..

In dis world women is very important..Its not just as a family members, but its also as a hand and eyes for country to makes a decision...Nowdays, women is asset for country in economy, politics and social..But, when we here bout smoking, women is not excepting..You as women need to know da bad effect if you one of da smoker...Lets see..

Smoking-Related Disorders in Women
o Heart disease
o Stroke
o Lung cancer
o Emphysema
o Oral cancer
o Uterine cancer
o Breast cancer
o Bladder cancer
o Rectal cancer
o Colorectal polyps
o Osteoporosis
o Infertility
o Early Menopause
o Miscarriages
o Stillbirths

Please beware about this..Its very important.!
Post By Afrida


  1. tq fida..now i can know that, women can get many effect from the smoking..i think the must awareness about this effect because smoking can destroy their life

  2. Yes!...This is the good idea and point to show the impact of smoking among women out there...For sure, If somebody have read for this point it will be convince the people how bad smoking are...I felt so afraid when I had read for this..It quite scary for me..There are a lot of effect to individual, especially for women...

  3. yup guys..me too im not feel scary but i felt so disgusting when i saw the pictures that u had share..this is make me be aware as a pasive person because all at my surrounding was smoking..A little bit,it can make a effect for me rite??

  4. yeesss..i also can learn about dangerous of smoking from the pictures