Wednesday, 30 March 2011


smoking can become more effect not only for the smoker but all people surrounding them. now i want share about five effect smoking for our healthy. They first effect is about fertility. smoking can descrease our fertility. for men, smoking can reduce their sperm and chromosome. for the women, this habit also can effect their fertility and make them menopous early. from the research show that, women who as a smoker can menapous two years early than non smoker. so, this situation can make them difficult to pragnant and get the baby.if she was pragnant, her baby maybe born in not good condition and maybe have physical disability.

the second effect is weakness in immune system..a cigarettes contains a variety of toxins and chemical such as carbon monoxide, tar, nicotin, and soon..all the contains can become dangerous and make weakness in immune system. when, immune system was less, the people can not protect their body from any disease and he or she more easy to get disease such as lung cancer, heart cancer, and others. besides that, if immune system are weakness, they unable to work properly.

smoking also can pollute the air and can give effect for our respiratory system. a cigarette have over than 4000 of chemicals,poisons, and drug. so when he or she was smoking, they was release substances can cause pollute and become air pollution. it also can effect the quality of air. if air was very dirty, it can effect our respiratory system. when someone breathing dirty air, it can obstacle our body system.

after that, from the result show that smoking can cause 25 types of cancer and 90% from the ammount are smoker. the last effect is smoking can reduce our physical and edurance. in a tobacco have carbon monoxide hemoglobin will to combine with blood in body and prevent oxygen hemoglobin to join. so this situation also can effect respiratory system and make somebody get a blood high pressure..


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