Wednesday, 30 March 2011


Although many doctors may have differing opinions on what is or isn't okay for a pregnant woman to do, there is one activity that you'll find no doctor approves.........This activity is smoking. Smoking during pregnancy is strongly discouraged, and even though it is hard to quit smoking, statistics give many good reasons why pregnant women must not smoke...

Smoking during pregnancy leads to a variety of health problems, not only for the mother, but for the baby as well. This is because harmful chemicals in cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide, do cross the placenta to reach the baby. Nicotine also is delivered to the baby when the mother smokes........One of the most common problems for the baby whose mother smokes while pregnant is low birth weight....... Some of the low birth weight babies born to smokers also arrived early because their mothers smoked. Smoking can even cause placental abruption and death of the baby.......

After a baby is born, a big concern of many parents is SIDS, or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Studies have shown that when a woman smokes during her pregnancy, the baby has up to a 3 percent higher chance of dying from SIDS than he or she would have had if the mother had not smoked......It's really best to stop smoking before trying to conceive, as smoking just before or early in pregnancy increases the chances of birth defects, especially of the heart......... But the good news is that it's not too late to quit once a woman discovers she is pregnant. If she manages to quit before the 15 week point in her pregnancy, a woman can lower her risk of delivering a low birth weight baby to about the same as if she never smoked........ Any woman who is pregnant should try to stop smoking, with her doctor's help, as soon as possible........



  1. That all that I had from the articel, I have read before...Im just want to share with you guys that smoking giving a big impact to the women especially when they are pregnancy...It quite hazard for the babies when are born..

  2. owhh..thank a lot zaid for this information..yes i very agree..smoking can give many bad effect for women..i also so pity with their baby because the baby maybe not in good condition and maybe have phsycal disability.

  3., we as the society have to concern about this problem..We can advising them to quit smoking by be possible if they can stop smoking immediatly..

  4. zahid and mas.. Now we are the modern lifestyle rite??so woman now want to do what the man do!! but for me smoking is not good to woman because its will be dangerous..i want to share my roomate als0 take a smoking..when i ask then she says that he starts smoke when he study at a boarding school..i cant believe ehat he had says but its the reality..

  5. owhhh..i very shock when read what the azlinawati said.. do u comfortable with she????and when she smoke and where???