Sunday, 23 January 2011

Did you know how to solve smoking problems?

I know all of you know much thing about smoking right? anywhere we go...and in whatever we do we always exposed with you like person who are smoking besides you?
Lets talk about smoking..n lets try to find how to solves this problem..Check it out!

Did you know more than 10 000 Malaysian die from smoking- related illness everyday? Yeaahh..can't believe it?? then, please start to beleive it from now! Smoking is one cause of death. And do you know how to avoid it? The answer just...'quit smoking right now'! But its not easy. Yes, i also know its not typically  easy. Because it's too hard and it's addictive. Now, i have a little bit strategies how to solve smoking problem.

1)If you want to quit smoking, you list down why you want to quit. Such as, save money, and get the stamina when playing sport and so on.. Keep that list then think of  new reason.

2)Get support from your parents, siblings, girlfriend, boyfriend, or your friends who are not smoking. Then, tell them why do you want to quit.

3)Throw away all your cigarettes. You can't quit smoking if cigarettes still around you.

4) Wash all your clothes . Do you know, smell of cigarettes can make  you want to smoke again? So, washing all your clothes. From that you can feel the fresh air even in your car.

5) Keep yourself busy. Do the exercise regularly. Likes 3 times in a week. Drink plenty of water. If you feel want to smoking  just eat chewing gum. And staying active its also good way to make sure you keep your weight down and your energy up!

So, this is my opinion how to solve smoking problem. By the way,  i try to add the information to da next post...Don't forget to leave your comment before leave this blog...haha..thnx=) -Posted by Afrida


  1. wow,there are a lot of tips to quit smoking!!
    really good, you have a good idea..
    u make me so impress.
    I'm so proud with you..

  2. owh after i read ur post, i really impress the ways u discribe it...i think as public we should think more bout the prevention than the cure....:)

  3. i think i also agree with your comment. Actually, there are many ways for us to stop from smoking. But its depends on ourself. If u want that,u can reach it..:) Just aim what the target u want!!
    But,I admit it very difficult to stop from smoking. So,with the tips that u have gave, I believe its can helps..=)-Lin

  4. i think, gov had done a lot of programs/xtvt to solve dis problem....but the rest is, we should ask ourselve,and i think early education is very important especially to chidren so that they know wat is the big impact if they smoke...

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  7. Wow, there are some tips that can be used by a person who's smoking...I'm so impress with you Afrida...A lot of steps to quitting and avoid from smoking right??? In my opinion, parental-roles is the most important to encourage people who's smoking to stop their bad habit...Father or mother should be a good role-model to their children...Parent should not smoke infront of them and do not smoking...because their children still child..The children can be influent by their family members who are smoking...So, please do not smoking at all....